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Ulleng island

The small island of Ulleung is located km from the north-east coast of South Korea and is reached by taking a three-hour ferry ride from Gangneun Gangwon province or from Pohang Gyeongsang province. The rocks seen along the coast continue inland, with a landscape of mountains, steep slopes and winding streets that climb up and down the cliffs. In winter, waves can reach up to ten meters in height, flooding the only road that runs along the perimeter of the island.

Fence post sealer

Your new wooden fence looks great now, but if you do not properly maintain it, it will not last very long. Sun, wind and especially water can wreak havoc on your fence. But a little preventative maintenance can go a long way to extend the life of your wooden fence. While simple staining and powerwashing will work wonders to protect your wooden boards, your fence posts are still at risk.

Post breakup stages dumper

Then, read the content below carefully to help yourself retain and reinforce the knowledge you need about the stages your ex will likely go through. People often think that their ex walks away unscathed after they break up with them. As though the leaver flicks a switch at the moment of the breakup and immediately starts having a great life that never includes thoughts of the person they left or doubts about their decision to end the relationship.